The Best Hot Chocolate

About Us

In the Philippines where coffee is king, Xocolat plays the devil's advocate by offering an alternative to the usual, run of the mill caffeine fix. By introducing “Hot Chocolate” in all its glorious forms and flavors, we intend to revolutionize the café culture in this country.

We challenge you to tempt fate, live and love…take this xocolat journey with us and embrace your adventure in a cup!

The Birth of Café Xocolat!

Some people seek adventure by taking up extreme sports, our idea of adventure, especially when traveling, always includes a cup of self-indulgent Hot Chocolate. It is accurate to say that we've scoured the globe in relentless pursuit of that ultimate cup --- successfully so, but, sadly, always away from home. One cool Christmas night in 2004 altered the course of our so-called xocolate journey. It was then that the idea of Café Xocolat was hatched.

Café Xocolat was born out of the sheer desire to enjoy a good old cup in our own “backyard”. Influenced and inspired by the chocolate milk bars of Barcelona & armed with a BS in Xocoholism, my friends & I conspired to bring this old world love affair to the doorstep of fellow Xocolate lovers.